from the left: Hesj , Evokatosh

Hengestaur is a seclusive duo living and working out of the small township of Voss & a mountain village in Norway, surrounded by steep mountains and forests.

Through the lonerism of composer and lyricist Evokatosh describes the darkest corners of human existence through reflections on Time, the Birth of the Self, the Addictions of Modern Life, love and hatred.

The introspective nature of Evokatosh then meets the rabid and energetic side of his wingman, percussionist and vocalist Hesj, building a dynamic that sends the listener out of the floating and abstract, into thundering landscapes of war and bare-knuckle combat.

Inspired by the groundbreaking craftsmanship of old Norwegian metal, Hengestaur aims to bear the torch onward and away from the glossy, derailed and polished tourist-black metal.

A new wave of rawness and authenticity is building, and it does not stem from the urban lounge-toads of the once so great city of Bergen.

– Avstraliopithecvs